Please evaluate your health and wellness before each session and cancel if for any reason you or a family member is not well or if you have been exposed to someone positive for COVID 19.  Your trainer will do the same.
Please have the following with you for each appointment:
  • Any training equipment you have been using for leash walking: collars, harnesses, leashes etc
  • Pen and Paper or Phone/Tablet to take notes on recommended training
  • 1 cup of your dog’s food and food dish
  • 1/2 cup soft high value training treats cut into small pieces
  • 1/2 cup cooked diced meat as a very high value reward such as diced chicken, beef or turkey.
  • a small blanket or dog bed for your dog to settle on during discussion
  • 2 new chew bones such as 12 inch bully sticks and a few favorite toys to play with

**For in home lessons please have your dog(s) confined/crated away from the entry door when we arrive. We also ask that you let your trainer know where to park and what door to come to when they arrive.  

48 hours notice is required to cancel/reschedule any service. Changes can be made in the Vagaro platform

Happy Training!