Ideal Services

At Ideal DOG we understand that every dog is different that’s why we offer custom services to meet your dog’s unique needs. 

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Behavior Consultations

 Evaluation and professional recommendations for behavior modification. 

Private Classes

Follow a set curriculum to learn valuable canine skills every dog should know. 

Custom Training Plans

Have a unique skill you’d like your dog to learn? We can create custom lesson plans!


Full Service Training

The perfect option for those that are shy on time but still want a well-mannered dog. 


Group Classes & Play Dates

We offer a variety of group classes and puppy play date options. 

Our Service Area

Training Facility Locations

We are happy to offer two locations to better serve our clients. Our training studio is conveniently located in downtown Oshkosh in a shared space with our favorite pet supply and grooming store The Pampurr'd Pet. 528 N Main St Oshkosh, WI 54901. Our 4,000 square foot Training Center location is at 372 S Koeller St Oshkosh, WI 54902 in the retail center behind Marcus Theater. Behavior consultations, private training, and group classes are available at both locations.

In-home services

We offer in home services as an option for clients in the Fox Valley within 15 miles of Oshkosh. Contact us at, we'll quote you for mileage cost for an in-home appointment. Don't want the added cost of having us travel the distance to you? We are thrilled to offer behavior and training services at both of our training facility locations. In need of in home services but are not in the Oshkosh area? We can refer clients to a wide network of certified professionals. Please contact us to assist you in finding a local trainer in your area. We are happy to help!

Mileage cost is $1.85/per mile round trip, plus $30 travel fee for in home appointments- discounts on packages available

Behavior Consultations

We offer consultations at our training facility, in your home or over the phone. Consults include:

  • An evaluation of your dog’s behavior to determine the root cause 
  • A complete history and personality profile discussion to determine influences of behavior long term
  • Professional recommendations for behavior modification

 90 minute Behavior Evaluation Consultation-Cost $175.00 ​(travel fees apply for in home consultations)

Private Behavior Modification / Custom Training Specialties

Personalized plans to work on specific behavior problems

We handle the following behavior issues and more:

  • House training (including crate/confinement training and marking)
  • Jumping up, mouthing, and pushy attention seeking behavior
  • Leash reactivity (lunging/barking) 
  • Destructive chewing
  • Digging
  • Excessive barking
  • Anxiety
  • Running away and boundary training
  • Counter surfing, food stealing and garbage raiding
  • Handling problems (vet exam, nail trim issues, grooming difficulties etc.)
  • Separation anxiety
  • Possession guarding
  • Fearfulness/shyness
  • Acclimation to a new home (for rescued/adopted dogs)
  • Dog/Dog aggression- socialization with unfamiliar and multi dog household pack order
  • Growling/Snapping/Nipping
  • Aggression towards strangers
  • OCD behaviors
  • Sound sensitivity
  • Behavior Evaluation for pet or working dog selection( from a breeder or shelter)
  • Litter Evaluation for best placement-Avidog APET and/or Volhard

We are happy to evaluate and have an initial behavior consultation for a variety of behavior problems but may refer serious aggression cases to a Vet Behaviorist. Aggression level is determined by evaluating bite history, determining the dog’s bite threshold and the dog’s bite inhibition( damage caused by the bite) before or during the initial consultation. If you have a behavior concern with your dog, do NOT wait to get help. It can take weeks to get an appointment with a certified professional. Behavior problems do not resolve on their own, they often progress and get worse without treatment. Don’t hesitate to get the help you need! We encourage all dog owners to discuss behavior concerns with their Veterinarian to rule out medical causes.

Discounted packages are offered to clients who commit to 4 or more training sessions, up to 15% off! 1 hour sessions after the first consult are $95/hr.

Scheduling is easy! Simply contact us with your preferred schedule to start your journey to a better behaved dog!

*Prices and services subject to change without prior notice. Travel fee for round trip mileage is $1.50/mile for in-home consultations and training. Consultations held at our training center have no additional fees.

Private Training

Private Puppy, Basic and Advanced Manners Lessons

If you have relied solely on group classes for training in the past, you know how difficult it can be to free up a set space in your schedule to make it to all of the classes. Ideal Dog offers unique private lessons, showing you how to train your dog, but on your schedule. Private lessons give you hours of undivided attention, and you will love the results. No consult is required before scheduling if your dog is free from aggression or significant behavior issues. Just call or email to start a manners training package when you are ready!  

Private Lessons vs Group Classes

Private LessonsGroup Classes
Very limited distractionsGroups of 4-8 students working at once
Flexible ScheduleSet schedule and time
Teacher’s attention all yoursTeacher’s attention divided among participants
Individualized instruction for you and your dogInstruction geared to the group
Immediate feedback and encouragementNot as much attention from teacher
Cost well worth the resultsOk for some, but not ideal for others

Additional Details

  • Package lessons are 45 minute sessions. 
  • Private Lesson packages must be completed within 6 weeks of the start date.
  • Prices and services subject to change without prior notice.
  • Travel fee for round trip mileage is $1.50/mile for in-home consultations and training, minimum $15 fee.
  • Consultations held at our training center have no additional fees.
  • Single session private manners training cost sessions are also available for $95/hour.
  • If your dog has a behavior concern and more than manners training is needed, a Behavior Evaluation is required. 

Private lessons are available for most of our specialty classes as well! Check out all of the classes offered here.


Puppy Pre-School

This course is for young puppies age 6 weeks to 16 weeks who are in their critical socialization period.

Three lessons include:

  • Crate training
  • Potty training
  • Chewing and mouthing
  • Basic commands: name recognition, sit, down, come, wait, take it/ drop it
  • Beginner polite leash walking
  • Handling for grooming and exams
  • Socialization, polite greetings and appropriate play skills

Cost is $225 for 3 Private Lessons- Travel fees apply for in-home training

Basic Manners

This course teaches basic training commands that every dog should learn. The basics are perfect for any age dog with little or no previous training.

Four lessons include:

  • Basic commands: name, sit, down, stay, come
  • Take it/drop it, wait, off (don’t jump up)
  • Leave it
  • Polite leash walking, “heel”
  • Impulse control, structured games 
  • Place/Settle

Cost is $300 for 4 Private Lessons -Travel fees apply for in-home training

Advanced Manners

This training course is for dogs with some previous training. It provides challenging and fun activities to keep your dog’s mind active and to keep you on your toes!

Four lessons include:

  • Solid STAY- with distance/distraction or out of sight
  • Advanced on leash and/or Off leash heeling
  • Place/go lie down 
  • Leave it 
  • Really reliable re-call with distance and distraction
  • Advanced attention and focus
  • Trick of your choice

Cost is $300 for 4 Private Lessons -Travel fees apply for in home training

Full Service Training

Short on time? Let us train your dog for you!

Full service training is the perfect option for those that want a well trained dog, but do not have the time to train and exercise him yourself. Letting a professional dog trainer do the work for you gets faster results and takes the stress off of you to fix the problem on your own. One hour of training and exercising is combined for the ultimate canine workout. Activities are based on your dog’s personality, individual needs and owner’s goals. 

Full Service Training activities include but are not limited to:

  • Basic to advanced manners and obedience training
  • Behavior modification programs
  • Crate training or conditioning to confinement
  • House training
  • Boundary training
  • Puppy Power Program- the perfect start for your new family member!

Exercise activities include but are not limited to:

  • Neighborhood leash walking
  • Field trips to a variety of locations to socialize and learn to adjust to new environments
  • Hiking adventures on nearby scenic trails
  •  Sport conditioning exercises and agility obstacle performance
  • Fetch, Frisbee or other off leash structured games
  • Swimming field trips- weather permitting
  • Working dog puzzles, learning tricks, playing  scent games( nose work)

Full Service Training Cost: $95/hour for a single session purchase- travel fees apply

Manners Boot Camp

Boot Camp offers the opportunity for our trainers to give your dog a manners makeover! You don’t have to send your dog off to a kennel!  This full service package option is perfect for foundation training and socializing puppies. Boot Camp gives your dog 1 hour + of exercise and training combined per session for a month of intense training. Boot Camp includes a bonus end of training transfer lesson.  Let us do the main work, and you can enjoy the results!

Boot Camp saves you money in the long run and gives you peace of mind that your dog is getting the care, attention and training he needs before it is too late! We can come to you( travel fees apply), or you can drop your dog off at our training center for each lesson, much like taking a kid to a dance, or music lesson. We strive to make educating your dog hassle free! 

Full Service Boot Camp Training Packages: 8 sessions: $600, 12 sessions $840, 16 sessions $1,040  

Puppy Power Package: 8 sessions with Half Day Stay includes a walk and additional play session(stay up to 4 hours) $680

(for puppies under 6 months of age)

Full service training requires owners meet with the trainers to ensure skills are being practiced at home and consistent communication is followed through on. Ready to start your dog training journey? Contact us today!