Group training classes allow our instructors to teach you how to train your dog! 

Our group classes have 4-8  dog handler teams per class.  Classes are 1 hour long and are held on set day and time each week for a series of weeks. 

To Register select the class that works for you and complete the online registration form. Payment is due at the time of registration to reserve your spot. 

If you don’t see a group class that works for you, private training lessons are available and are customized to fit your schedule! 

Please note-If your dog has behavior concerns group classes are not appropriate and private training/behavior counseling is needed. No refunds can be given if dogs must be excused from class for disruptive behavior. Puppy classes require dogs be dog friendly. Thank you for understanding.

Get Your Puppy Off To A Great Start With Our Group Puppy Classes

Puppy Pre-School 

Reserved for puppies 8-16 weeks old in their critical socialization phase. Puppies must be under 16 weeks to participate.

3 classes cover the following:

  • Crate Training/Potty Training
  • Chewing and Mouthing- How to teach appropriate play
  • Training cues “Pup’s first words “Name, Sit, Down, Come, Wait, Drop it
  • Greetings with new people
  • Beginner leash walking
  • Handling for exams and grooming
  • Socialization, play skills and confidence building

Start your new puppy off on the right paw!

This 3 week class is limited to 4-8 puppies.

Private training lessons are also available. Click here for more info.

Puppy Power Day School Package- Send your puppy to school!

8 Day School Adventures at Ideal DOG training. Drop your puppy off with our teachers each Wednesday at 8:30 am for 4 hours of learning with dedicated Certified Professional Trainers. Day School includes training, a socialization walk adventure and additional play/exercise sessions with other puppies!  (School is for puppies under 5 months of age at the start of the school session). Register today for this special opportunity to give your dog the right start in life! It takes a village!

 Poised Puppy- Confidence building class

This 3 week course is for puppies under 6 months of age and is designed to empower both guardians and puppies in the life long training process. Especially great for pups who may be shy or under socialized.

  • Humans will learn about conditioning, desensitization and dog body language
  • Relax on a mat/bed
  • Targeting
  • Navigating new environments
  • Checking out new/scary objects- desensitization to new sounds
  • Treat and retreat games for meeting strangers/consent checks
  • Confidence walking on/getting up on new surfaces
  • Handling for grooming and exams including use of tools

Class runs for 3 weeks, limit is 6-8 students


AKC STAR Puppy (Manners)

This 6 week course is for puppies under 7 months of age.

If your dog has any behavior concerns with strangers or other dogs contact us for guidance on what services will be best for you. Your puppy should be under 6 months when you register for this class so that for the duration of class your puppy is not older than 7 months. Please consider your pup’s age when the class will start, not your pup’s age the day you sign up. If your puppy is over 6 months old now and has never been to a class, please register for Basic Manners OR a K9 Life Skills class.

Class introduces dogs and handlers to the AKC STAR Puppy program and teaches pre-Canine Good Citizen behaviors.

  • “Sit” and “Down” , beginner “Stay”
  • “Come” when called- practiced during off leash play time
  • Polite on-leash walking skills
  • Attention and focus/ability to settle
  • “Leave it”- beginner self control
  • “Wait”, “Take it”, “Drop it”
  • “Off” Polite greetings-Four on the floor
  • Social Skills with dogs and people and Confidence Building

Pups who complete all 6 weeks may get an AKC STAR Puppy award!

Class runs for 6 weeks, limit is 6-8 students.

Private Puppy Training lessons also available!

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Puppy Adventure and Play Dates

Looking for a way to safely socialize your puppy in your community? Look no further!

Ideal DOG Puppy Adventure and Play Dates offer a great way to socialize your puppy.  Adventure experiences and play time are managed by dog trainers to help ensure a positive experience for you and your pup! We often include human social skills, confidence building for Vet exams, grooming and life skills to build well rounded dogs! Dogs should be free from significant behavior concerns. If your dog has any special needs reach out to our team for private training to get started in an environment that will set your dog up to succeed.

These playdates are for current students. If you are not yet a client please contact us about classes and lessons to get started! 

*Pre- Registration is required so your host trainer can ensure adequate staff are available

Puppy Adventure Gym Times and Play Dates

Adventure Gym Times are for current client puppies( class or private lesson clients) under 8 months old, who are up to date on age appropriate vaccines and vet care.  We offer fun experiences for you and your puppy to build confidence and learn new things together. Adventures are a private gym time for you and your dog to enjoy. Our training team members will be there to help if you need it. Gym time is 30 minutes.

Our Puppy Play Dates include group activity, off leash play and social opportunities with new people. These groups are for puppies of specific ages and include groups for pups under 12 weeks, 12-14 weeks and 14-20 weeks( depending on breed/size personality in some cases).  We split age groups/or by size of dog to allow for optimal learning and social time. If your puppy is showing signs of fear/shyness please contact us before signing up. This group experience may be too much for really reserved dogs. Adventure gym times are best for shy pups.

If any dog in attendance cannot handle the environment your host trainer may ask you to come back at a later date for private training help. Thanks for understanding we want to do what is best for all the dogs, especially yours! 

Email your host Ideal DOG Team member Hayley to