Group training classes allow our instructors to teach you how to train your dog! 

Our group classes have 4-8  dog handler teams per class.  Classes are 1 hour long and are held on set day and time each week for a series of weeks. 

To register click on the class that works for you and complete the form and payment to reserve your spot.

If you don’t see a group class that works for you, contact us about private training lessons. Private lessons are customized to fit your schedule! 

Please note-If your dog has behavior concerns group classes are not appropriate and private training/behavior counseling is needed. No refunds can be given if dogs must be excused from class for disruptive behavior. 

Want To Build Your Dog's Skills? K9 Life Skills Is The Way To Go!

K9 Life Skills 1 -Pulling-Jumping-Come when called -Attention and Focus

This 3 week class starts the essential skills needed for any age dog to be a great companion. Life skills are Basic Manners skills divided into 2 separate 3 week classes for optimal learning and schedule flexibility.  The training skills are the same as our 6 week Basic Manners class split into Skills 1 and Skills 2 with fewer students for more attention from your instructor.

Life Skills 1 teaches:

  • Basic Principles of Positive Reinforcement and Clicker training( clicker is optional)
  • “Sit”, “Down”
  • “Come”
  • Attention/Polite Leash Walking
  • “Off” Polite greetings
  • Beginner Impulse control- “Wait”, “Say please”

Cost is $85, 3 weeks,  class limit is 4-6 students

Enroll Today And Let The Skill Building Begin!

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K9 Life Skills 2-  Stay-Leave it-Come when called-Polite leash walking- Attention and Focus

This second step class continues the skills set to teach additional cues for a well rounded canine companion. 3 weeks of training for any age dog. Pre-requisite Puppy Pre-School, K9 Life Skills 1, STAR Puppy or equivalent. Also can be great as a refresher class after Basic or STAR Puppy

  • “Sit”, “Down”, “Stay” with distance and distractions
  • “Wait” “Come” with distractions and added challenges
  • “Leave it”- Impulse control
  • “Look”, “Heel”- polite leash walking with distractions

Cost is $85,  3 weeks, class limit is 4-6 Students

The learning continues!

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