Group training classes allow our instructors to teach you how to train your dog! 

Our group classes have 4-8  dog handler teams per class.  Classes are 1 hour long and are held on set day and time each week for a series of weeks. 

To register click on the class that works for you and complete the form and payment to reserve your spot.

If you don’t see a group class that works for you, contact us about private training lessons. Private lessons are customized to fit your schedule! 

Please note-If your dog has behavior concerns group classes are not appropriate and private training/behavior counseling is needed. No refunds can be given if dogs must be excused from class for disruptive behavior. 

Want To Build Your Dog's Skills but taking a 6 week course all at once doesn't work for you budget or your schedule? K9 Life Skills Is The Way To Go!

K9 Life Skills 1 -Pulling-Jumping-Come when called -Attention and Focus

This 3 week class starts the essential skills needed for any age dog to be a great companion. Life skills are Basic Manners skills divided into 2 separate 3 week classes for optimal learning and schedule flexibility.  The training skills are the same as our 6 week Basic Manners class split into Skills 1 and Skills 2 with fewer students for more attention from your instructor.

Life Skills 1 teaches:

  • Basic Principles of Positive Reinforcement and Clicker training( clicker is optional)
  • “Sit”, “Down”
  • “Come”
  • Attention/Polite Leash Walking
  • “Off” Polite greetings
  • Beginner Impulse control- “Wait”, “Say please”

Class limit is 4-6 students.

Enroll Today And Let The Skill Building Begin!

K9 Life Skills 2-  Stay-Leave it-Come when called-Polite leash walking- Attention and Focus

This second step class continues the skills set to teach additional cues for a well rounded canine companion. 3 weeks of training for any age dog. Pre-requisite Puppy Pre-School, K9 Life Skills 1, STAR Puppy or equivalent. Also can be great as a refresher class after Basic or STAR Puppy

  • “Sit”, “Down”, “Stay” with distance and distractions
  • “Wait” “Come” with distractions and added challenges
  • “Leave it”- Impulse control
  • “Look”, “Heel”- polite leash walking with distractions

Class limit is 4-6 Students

The learning continues!