Group training classes allow our instructors to teach you how to train your dog! 

Our group classes have 4-8  dog handler teams per class.  Classes are 1 hour long and are held on set day and time each week for a series of weeks. 

To Register: choose the class you would like to enroll in, choose your payment type (PayPal for online payment or By Check for check payment) then fill out the full registration form including your dog’s info. *NOTE if you choose to pay by check you will need to mail a check to Ideal DOG 3450 Senn Road, Omro, WI 54963 to reserve your spot for the class. 

Or you can Sign up at our neighbor store The Pampurr’d Pet during business hours- (pay with cash or check only at the store).

A complete registration form and payment must be made to reserve a spot.

If you don’t see a group class that works for you, contact us about private training lessons. Private lessons are customized to fit your schedule! 

Please note-If your dog has behavior concerns group classes are not appropriate and private training/behavior counseling is needed. No refunds can be given if dogs must be excused from class for disruptive behavior. Puppy classes require dogs be dog friendly. Thank you for understanding.

Ready To Refine Your Dog's Sniffing Skills? Join A Nose Work Class!

Winter Workshop!

Join us for a fun filled weekend of higher education with Laura Yurchak, CPDT-KA, CNWI Loving Paws LLC.

Dates: Saturday and Sunday February 26th and 27th 2022
Location: Pickett Community Center 6687 WI-44, Pickett, WI 54964
Workshop hours each day- building open at 8am check in at 8:30 am, workshop to start at 9:00 sharp- 30 minute lunch daily, workshop will wrap up around 4:30 pm each day.
Working Spots-$120/day limited to 8/day
Working Team Requirements:  The dogs need to be skilled on birch, anise, clove and cypress.  They also must have passed an ORT or equivalent.  No aggressive or reactive dogs allowed.
Audit/participate without your dog-$65 limited to 10/day
CCPDT and CNWI CEUs have been approved: 7 CEUs for CPDT-KA per day
5 CEUs for CNWI per day
Registration closes 
Teamwork And Observation – what are the dogs telling us?
Presented By: Laura Yurchak, CNWI, CPDT-KA
This workshop will focus on how the human half of the team influences the search and how to notice the behaviors your dog shows before they get to source. We can change the outcome of the search for the better or for the worse with our body movements, speed, orientation, directions etc. Understanding what we do and to adapt quickly to what our dogs are telling us can reduce the confusion we create for our dogs. This brings wonderful teamwork to the dog’s search creating successful outcomes.
The best way to see what is happening is to video the runs and analyze them. Seeing what we are doing compared to what our dogs are doing creates an understanding of what we need to change to have better communication through teamwork.
We will also look at odor and how it moves in search areas. Is it trapping odor or are they working to source? Is it an elevated hide? There are so many questions, and the answers are in what our dogs tell us.
This may be a new approach to many handlers, but it will give the dogs freedom to do what they do best, hunt for odor!
 Contact for registration questions.

 New to Scent Work? Enroll Today And Let The Searching Begin!

Introduction to Nose Work K9 Nose Work is a new cool dog sport in which handler and dog teams compete to find the hidden scents. Beginning Nose Work class focuses on building a dog’s desire to hunt and scent independently. This 4 week class starts dogs searching boxes and hunting for a primary reward such as food or a favorite toy. The goal is to take the dog’s focus off of the handler and instead follow his/her nose. After completion, dogs and handlers are prepared to continue on to second level searching in new environments with more difficult hides. 

Cost is $115 for Group Class, 4 weeks, limit is 5 students. 


Intro to Nose Work Step 2   

Intro to Nose Work Fun 2 continues strengthening the foundation of the game of Nose Work learned in Intro class. Motivation is increased and distractions are added by working in new environments each week, including exterior areas. The Level 2 class helps dogs develop a strong foundation for scent work. This strong foundation is important before odor is introduced. One of the many challenges faced by working canines and their handlers is encountering new environments. All work is continued searching for a primary reward.

Cost is $115 for Group Class, 4 weeks, limit is 6 students.

Intro to Nose Work Step 3-Intro to Odor 

This third step class introduces dogs and handlers to searching for the odor scented swabs. Dogs and handlers must have completed both Intro and Step 2 class and have approval from the instructor to start work on odor. 4 weeks of training.

Cost is $115, 4 weeks, Class limit is 6 students 

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Beginning Containers and Interiors

This first step skill building class will help students learn about container searches at the very beginner level. Improving handling skills, and teaching dogs to perform focused novice searches. Pre-requisite Intro to Odor. 

Cost is $115, 4 weeks. Class limit is 5- held at Ideal DOG LLC 

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Skill Building Nose Work Class

This skill building class is for students who have completed Intro to Odor and are training for competition. Students build Skills for Interior and Container searches at a Pre-Novice/Novice Advanced level searching for Birch/Anise/Clove.

4 week session cost is $80- class limit 8 teams

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Advanced Skill Building Nose Work Class 

Search and Learn classes are for students who are working on multiple odors (Birch/Anise/Clove/Cypress) and are looking to build their skills for competition. Geared towards those who are competing at or above  Advanced Level. Different challenges each week to work on Interior and Container searches.  

4 week session cost is $80-class limit 8 teams

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