Lynsie Offers A Variety Of Services At Our Koeller Street Location!

Below you’ll find her menu of offerings, click on any of the items for a full description, as well as buying and booking instructions and links.  If you need more info about any of the offerings or their prerequisites, more details can be found on the Behavior Consultations Page, the Private Training Sessions Page, and the Full-Service Training Page.

Please Note: if you are purchasing a package it will include a set number of prepaid appointments. You can book your prepaid appointments online using the link at the botton of the package description.You will also receive an email covering your package details from Vagaro (our booking platform).

Koeller Street Training Packages And Private Lessons With Lynsie

Ideal Dog offers customized private lessons, showing you how to train your dog on your schedule. Private lessons give you undivided attention with lessons are tailored to your dog’s unique needs.
No consult is required before scheduling if your dog is free from aggression or significant behavior issues. 

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This package consists of four custom training sessions designed specifically around you and your dog. 

  • 1 hour lessons pre-scheduled on days and times that work for you
  • You and your trainer design a custom training plan to address your dog’s unique needs. 

If behavior concerns need to be addressed you will need to first start with a 90 minute Behavior Evaluation.

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Private CGC Test one dog, 30 minutes

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 Our 1 hour phone consultation is perfect for those looking for support with their dogs training and behavior but are unable to meet in person.

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Our 90 minute Behavior Evaluation Consultation is for dogs who have just started displaying behavior changes. 

In the session we will go over 

  • An evaluation of your dog’s behavior and previous training to determine the root cause 
  • A complete history and personality profile discussion to determine influences of behavior long term
  • Professional recommendations for behavior modification and training

This consultation option is for non aggressive behaviors only. Click here for more info behavior evaluations and what we offer for serious concern behaviors.  A complete behavior history form is required to be filled out online before the session.

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Serious Concern Consultation Package includes a 2 hour initial meeting, and required 1 hour follow up training appointment. For dogs who have displayed behavior concerns for any length of time, have multiple concerns or have a history of threatening behaviors including growling, snapping, threatening/attempting to bite/nip.  We reserve the right to refer any behavior cases we determine to need services through a CDBC or Vet Behaviorist.

We refer clients who have dogs with extensive long term concerns and/or a bite history to a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. There are two to choose from in Oshkosh, WI:

Cari Tetzlaff- Better Together Animal Training-

Jody Andresen- Pawsitive Directions-

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